About Us

About Us

We are three brothers who hope to make this world just a little bit better one idea and thought at a time. To that end, we founded Green Mountain Initiatives LLC, with the idea of bringing families together through a reading app, encouraging artists to earn money by sharing their artwork electronically, and providing a platform for artists to be able to work together and visionaries to be able to share their visions.

Green Mountain Initiatives has launched this multi-faceted platform to encourage creative initiatives from the artist that resides in all of us. Whether you take beautiful pictures, paint original illustrations, create exquisite doodles, compose your own music, write novels or poems, make videos or animations, design computer applications, develop other digital content, or make educational material, we believe that your endeavors should be made available to those seeking to license such content.

We believe in making a better world by harnessing the power of creative energy and thought. Let your imagination take flight as you explore creative new peaks, whether you work independently or collaboratively. Consider this website as a kind of collection of artistic studios where you can display your masterpieces, collaborate with other artists, contribute ideas, or buy licenses to use the artwork for your own creative or commercial endeavors.

Finally, we hope to be able to launch a reading app (WePair) that will bring extended families together through reading. When children love to read, their own creativities grow and flourish, ensuring that society benefits from the imaginations of our next generation.

Green Mountain Initiatives – aspiring to creative peaks! Please join us!