How to Submit Artistic Content for Review

How to Submit Artistic Content for Review

Hi, this is a simple set of instructions if you need help to upload your Digital Content to ePublish. The following guide is geared towards uploading photos and illustrations, but other content should be fairly self-explanatory since the procedures are very similar. Please note that these instructions have changed from those that were in effect from June 1, 2018 – 13 June 2018. It is no longer desirable to upload a thumbnail due to some changes within the watermark plugin. As a result, the instructions are much more straight-forward. Please let us know if these instructions are confusing or not complete by sending an email to Thanks!

You will need to upload the photo twice: once is for some backend administrative issues and the second copy is the one that is to be sold. If you choose to upload a smaller copy of your photo under “Featured Image” rather than the full-sized version, one side should be at least 1920 px in jpg format. If your photo is in png format, you will get better results if the “Featured Image” is in jpg format at that minimum size.

You will upload your image using the following steps:

  • Go to your Vendor Dashboard and click on “Add Creation”.
  • A form opens up that you will want to fill out as follows:
  • Under “Download Title” input the title you are giving your creation. Descriptive titles usually work best.
  • Under “Download Description and Keywords”, input a brief description of the item you are uploading. Then add custom keywords separated by a space. It is a good idea to describe everything in the photo as well as feelings or concepts it might encompass. So for example, if you uploaded a picture of a child’s hand being held by a grownup, you may consider typing in the following keywords, “child toddler hand parent grownup helping kid little finger” and anything else that is in the picture or that can describe the picture. Customers will search for content using these keywords so you will want to use as many as are appropriate.
  • If you would like to insert any notes, especially that may be of interest to a customer, and input the information in “Download Notes”.
  • In the “Featured Image” box, click on “Upload Featured Image”. Under “Upload Files”, click on ‘Select Files”. If your photo is in png and you made a jpg image that is at least 1920 px on one side, go to the file on your computer you previously created and “open” the image file. Once the photo shows up in the box on the upper left hand side, click on the “Insert” button that is on the bottom right.
  • This will take you back to the form. Scroll down to the “Pricing” to upload the file. Insert 10.00 in the pricing box for a photo. Be aware that the price may change at our discretion. Please see the pricing page for guidance at
  • Go to the “Upload File” and click on your original and full-sized file that you have saved to your hard drive. This file will be the highest quality file that you have of your digital artistic content. Once it populates, click “Insert File URL” on the lower right corner. The URL should automatically load into the URL box on the form.
  • Go to “Download Category”. For a photo, select “Library”, > “Art Gallery”, > “Photos”.
  • Include any co-artist or anyone who should get credit and join in on any royalties that may be earned. Royalties will be evenly split between the co-contributors. We hope to be able to put in a feature that allows the contributors to determine the percent interest that each artist has. Once this feature is enabled, please input the proper percent. If for example, an artist did 25% of the work, that artist should receive 25% of any royalties paid out. Please add all the co-contributors to the appropriate boxes along with their email address.
  • Click “Submit”.

To upload literary works, you will basically do the same thing, however instead of uploading a featured image, you will make a pdf of 1-3 pages of your book to share with customers. You will need to upload the pdf on the form where it states “Preview PDF File Upload”. Then upload your full length literary work under the “Pricing” category on the upload form.

To upload a video or music, you will want to make a short trailer or preview of your Content. It should be just long enough to give the flavor of your work. Save this to a separate file labelled “Trailers” or otherwise designate the file as a trailer so you won’t confuse it with your full-length clip. Then upload your full length literary work under the “Pricing” category on the upload form.


For all media types, once Admin receives the request and approves the content, it will show up on your “Creations” in your Dashboard. It may take up to 2-3 business days to approve content, although we try to respond in a much faster time frame.

Upload as many creations as you like. The more the better! The more content we have on our pages, the more interest we receive from customers, and the more likely we are to generate sales. Just a word of caution however: we strongly encourage you to protect your work by registering for a copyright with the United States Copyright Office prior to uploading any of your artistry. Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions. The best way to reach us is at