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We all hold the future of the world in our hands. Our actions can make a difference in bettering our society. Take a moment to outline your idea and present a business plan to implement it. Receive constructive feedback and bounce your ideas around to make your business plan even better. Chat with like-minded individuals who are interested in working together to make our society better. Positive change starts with an idea.

Take a moment and put together a plan that addresses an issue. It doesn’t have to be perfect but should contain enough detail that it can serve as a building block for further action. Describe the problem you are trying to solve, present a working formulation as to how your idea can work, and the highlight the benefits that you believe can be wrought. Together we can change the world!

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Double Teacher Salaries

A New Vision for Teacher’s Salary Click on the link below to open a copy of the business plan. A-New-Vision-for-Education