How to Register and Create Your Creative Account!

Welcome to Green Mountain Initiatives where we support your creative endeavors!  We have several different projects that you can tap into.  If you do not yet have an account, you will need an account in order to access various parts of the site.  Some projects and pages are free to visit provided you have established an account, such as ePublish, and various libraries.  Others require nominal fees to access, such as full WePair services.  Your creative account is your portal to Our Projects at Green Mountain Initiatives.

Here is a description of our current enterprises:

  • ePublish (free) – You may upload your creative works to ePublish for others to peruse.  You may receive royalties from individuals or companies that would like to use your works of art.  Before uploading your creations, please consider protecting your works through copyrights. The project ePublish allows you to upload digital paintings, photos, poems, books, stories, apps, songs, movies, videos, cartoons, and other works that you have created in order to showcase them to customers. Register here to become a vendor and begin ePublishing. 
  • Build a Masterpiece (à la carte) – This project brings artists together for collaborative purposes.  Let’s say that you have written a children’s book and are looking for an illustrator.  By posting your work on ‘Build a Masterpiece’ along with a description of services requested, find that partner to help you bring the project together.  Collaborators agree on a simplified royalty scheme and once the finished project is uploaded to ePublish, collaborators may receive royalties from potential customers. To become a collaborator you must be a registered vendor, please register here to become a vendor.
  • Various Libraries (free to browse) – The libraries are the repositories for the creative works of art that are uploaded through ePublish.  They are divided according to medium used.  For example, paintings may be found in the painting gallery, photos in the photography studio, and books in the literary section.  These libraries are available for customer browsing.
  • WePair (free or subscription) – WePair is an app that allows people to connect with loved ones through reading, singing, and/or drawing with those who may be separated by distance.  This app allows for example, grandparents to have storytime with their grandkids even though distances may keep them physically apart. The child sees the pictures and text in the book as well as their loved one in real time.  It is a great way for traveling or deployed parents to continue to engage with their children in a wholesome and loving manner when circumstances prevent them from being there in person.   We offer several different programs under WePair, depending on the needs and desires of our customers, including the following:
    • Bare Necessities (free, supported by ads) – Just the bare bones app that allows basic reading services.
    • Bookworm (monthly or yearly subscriptions) – The reading app unencumbered by ads with advanced services.
    • Heavenly Choir (monthly or yearly subscriptions) – The singing app, allowing for the sharing of songs and music.
    • Master Painter (monthly or yearly subscriptions) – The painting app, allowing for sharing of coloring endeavors.
    • PairUp (monthly or yearly subscriptions) – The complete app that encompasses Bookworm, Heavenly Choir, and Master Painter activities,
  • Educational Endeavors (free) – space for teachers and students to engage in educational activities and projects. To add your educational ideas to our Idea blog, register here.



If you are not a registered vendor please fill out the form below if you would like to become one of our creators to ePublish or upload to our Library. (If you are already registered login to start uploading your creations here.)


Payment Information Form

Would you prefer to receive any royalty check at the above address or would you prefer to receive any payment via PayPal? Please be aware that PayPal charges a fee, which is at least 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction. This fee is deducted from the amount due you by PayPal.
Please choose how you would like to get paid.


To register to WePair please fill out the form below.