Selling Your Content

Buying Content

Every time your Content sells, you earn a 50% royalty. So for example, if an item sells for $10.00, if you are the sole contributor, you would receive up to $5.00. You will receive less if you choose to be paid over PayPal because PayPal charges at least 2.9% of the transaction price as well as $0.30 per transaction.

If there is more than one contributor of an item, the 50% royalty is divided among all the contributors of the content in accordance with the percentages specified at upload. So for example, if there are two artists that contributed equally to an item, then the 50% royalty is subsequently divided in half. If the Content sells for $10.00, then each artist would receive up to $2.50 each. If at upload, no contribution percentage is indicated when there is more than one artist, it will be assumed that the contributions were equal in nature, and the royalties will be divided equally.

Please note that royalties will only be paid out if the payment information, as well as other critical information in your account is complete, accurate, and up to date. All payments are in U.S. dollars. Applicable exchange rates apply.

If an item is used by our site in a paid application (such as in WePair), then contributors would still be eligible for royalties. However, the royalty rates are calculated differently and will be dependent on the total number of contributors within the program as well as the number of times the Content is accessed. In addition, the total percentage amount paid to royalties will be determined by us in accordance with business criteria at the time.  It is expected that royalties earned in this manner will be much less than the royalties earned through commercial licensing.

Royalties will only be paid if the total amount due to you is at least $100, or within a reasonable time from after the end of the calendar year, or at our discretion, as long as payment occurs at least once per year. You may be given the option to elect to roll your royalty payment over to the next year, however interest will not accumulate if this option is provided and elected.

You are responsible for any tax liabilities that you may incur.

Thank you for supporting our artists! Please note that these prices are generalizations only. Each Content may have its own price that may change at any given time. For specific information, see the price that is attached to the item in question. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

In general however, the following prices for single purchases are suggested to be:

Photos and Vectors $10.00
Books $4.00 –  $15.00
Music for personal or non-commercial use $5.00
Music tracks for commercial use $5.00 – $400.00
Video footage $5.00 – $1500.00
Apps free with ads
Apps $1.00 – $50.00