You have reached our tutorials page! If you would like to provide us with a tutorial, we will be happy to consider it for posting.

Videos of interest are typically: 

3-30 minutes long. They should be long enough to teach a particular topic. It is expected that most videos will be about 10-15 minutes long. 

Narrow in scope. An example would be an instructional video of how to sketch faces using a particular technique.

Instructional. The video should provide step by step instructions so that a person viewing it can follow along and duplicate the results.

Descriptively titled. The video title should tell a potential viewer exactly what will be covered in the video. The title should also contain the level of difficulty. For example, a good title may be, “A beginner’s instructional on how to draw and paint koi fish using watercolors.”

Of good quality. The video should be clear and have good acoustic and visual quality.

You may provide a clickable link to your company or website to promote your products and/or services. Ideally, the link will be to a particular page that contains everything that was used to make the item as detailed in the video. For example, if you provided a video that teaches the viewer how to paint a red rose, the link should be to a kit that sells the paints and brushes and other materials used in the video to paint the rose.

We are a brand new company and have not yet built up a solid customer base. As a result, although donations are always welcome, we are not currently charging for this advertising service. We reserve the right to charge in the future. Currently, we consider it a quid pro quo in exchange for providing instructional videos of interest to our members and the general public. Email us at Admin@imagipics.com if you are interested.